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xHamster Downloader:Download xHamster Video for Free

xHamster is a porn video site with ads-supported that allows you to watch porn video free of charge. If you want to watch videos with ads-free and higher quality, you must pay a fee to get such service. xHamster also have a mobile version, allowing people to visit the site on their mobile in convenient mode. The xHamster mobile support devices such as smartphone, tablet PC, and other handheld devices. Premium user also enjoy extra features such as Private Message Notifications via email and DVD Section privilege. If you want to download erotic videos from xHamster for storing on your local hard driver, you will need a xHamster downloader to help you with that task. XYDownloader is the best choice and stands out any other downloader.


How to Download Videos from xHamster

Step 1: Install xHamster downloader

Download the program. Once xHamster Downloader is installed, it will run automatically.

open xTube downloader

Step 2: Download xHamster video in 1 click

When you play the xHamster video you want to download, a "Download" button will appear at the top left corner of the video anytime you are playing a xHamster video in your browser. A single click of the Download button will initiate a downloading of the video in the background.

download xTube video

This xHamster downloader provides you with another way of downloading the video. Just drag and drop the video URL to the program dock, and the video will be downloaded. Or you can copy the video URL and use the Paste URL button on the program primary window to start downloading.

Step 3: Convert xHamster video for any devices

In addition to video downloading, it features a built-in video converter, allowing you convert downloaded videos to the standard format for portable devices, like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android devices, PSP, etc. In the Downloaded tab, click on Convert button and a window will pop up for you to select the output format. After selecting the output format, press OK to start converting.

convert xTube