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xTube Downloader: Download Tube Videos from Adult Sites for Free

You can watch as many as Tube videos on xTube online for free, but with an xTube downloader, things become more convenient since you are able to download xTube videos for playback offline anytime you want. You might spend many hours to search a reliable downloader. Look no further! Here with XYDownloader, it been so easy to download and watch videos from xTube. It is the best xTube downloader that easy to use and come with high performance.


How to Download xTube Videos

Step 1: Install xTube Downloader

Click to download the executable file and an installation wizard will pop up after downloading. You can install the downloader with the step-by-step guide. Once the installing is done, the program will start automatically.

open xTube downloader

Step 2: Download xTube Videos

With xTube downloader installed, whenever you play an xTube video in your browser (including IE, Firefox or Chrome), a "Download" button will show up at the top left corner of the video, giving you the option to download the video in different video qualities.

download xTube video

Step 3: Convert xTube Videos to any Formats

If you want to convert the downloaded xTube Videos to other formats, you can go to the Downloaded tab to view the video list. And then click the Convert button to select your desired output format. Lastly, click OK to start converting the video format.

convert xTube